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DJP Music School

  • Madrid Espagne

DJP Music School is a leading training school for music production and DJ based in Madrid, Spain. It offers the best professional tutors, facilities and services to create a unique learning experience.

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This Music Production School is specialized in training DJs, producers and  musicians and aim to teach students the tools and creative processes necessary for creative music production, so they can develop their signature sound and make the most of their creativity.

Their training is rooted in real-world practice, valuing passion for music and creativity above all. The school has expert teachers, passionate about getting students to live up their potential, regardless of their previous skills or technical knowledge. The classes are taught in a professional, friendly and personalized environment, with flexible schedules and a wide range of courses that are suitable for differing abilities. 

DJP Music School was established in 2012 under the name DJ Productor, by Ableton Certified Trainer Harvey Cubillos.

DJP Music School's online course offering includes a wide range of courses ranging from music production, music theory, synthesis and sound design, to artist marketing and development in the music industry.

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