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LoFi HipHop

de Comakid

This extensive collection of lo-fi sounds, samples and loops is all about texture and feel. Build beats peppered with tape hiss, clicks and pops with a laid-back, less quantized groove.

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USD 59

Lo-fi hip hop celebrates the unpolished – it gives happy accidents, sonic artifacts, warped tape and dusty old samplers their time to shine. Comakid created this Pack with that wonky aesthetic in mind. It has all the elements you need to make fully-formed tracks, or just add a little lo-fi haze to your projects. 

Hiss, fuzz and wobble

This Pack contains a wealth of sounds – 15 Drum Racks, 78 Instrument Racks, 9 Effect Racks, 278 MIDI clips, 174 audio loops and 278 one-shot samples. There’s plenty of sampled hardware to play with, including Junos, a selection of Korg synths, Casio keys and guitar loops sampled from wobbly cassette players. 

All these sounds were created especially for this Pack, complete with sonic peculiarities. You’ll find wavering synths, fuzzed out bass, degraded kalimba, and a plethora of percussive sounds. Add some extra atmosphere to your music with ambient textures such as birds, street sounds, tape noise and water.

Hip hop and beyond

LoFi HipHop is especially well integrated into Live, with features geared towards hip hop production. It comes with loops that have been pre-sliced and distributed across Drum Racks, ready to remix. The MIDI clips have been programmed for a looser, less quantized feel, to create off-kilter beats with a drunk hip hop vibe.

While the Pack was created with devotees of lo-fi hip hop in mind, it’ll also appeal to anyone who wants to add some gritty elements to their tunes. Producers working in related genres such as trip hop and lo-fi house will find a lot to play with, as will creators of indie pop and rock. It’s also a great source of sounds and inspiration for rappers looking to create their own backing tracks. 

USD 59