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Grand Piano

de e-instruments

Grand Piano provides the expression and power of a world-renowned concert grand recorded in a classical orchestra hall.

Included with Live 12 Standard y Suite.

Included with Push 3

Each one of Grand Piano's 88 keys has been recorded with multiple dynamic layers, release samples, and sustain resonances in order to bring out all of the instrument's subtle nuances and character.

Grand Piano's 1.5 GB of samples are grouped into 12 pure piano presets in "Production" and more detailed "Solo" versions (both available in stretched and equal tempered tunings), as well as nine hybrid presets that combine the acoustic piano samples with a selection of synthesizers and effects. Each preset provides Macro Controls for reverb, release noise volume, key noise volume, sustain resonance volume, tone, velocity, and fine tune.

Grand Piano was created in cooperation with e-instruments.

Updated for Live 11

The Pack now features 120 MIDI clips, expressively performed by professional pianists. These include chord progressions, vamps, ostinati and melodic phrases in diverse musical styles.

Included with Push 3

Included with Live 12 Standard y Suite.