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  • Sydney NSW Australia

Do you ever wonder how we are expected to make music in a culture so full of noise? The quick tips, sample packs, tutorials and black Friday deals are all steering us toward rationalisations that feel like progress… right? Making music isn’t easy but the process is quite simple and with enough hard work you can get pretty damn good at it. This solution is the reason it’s a problem in the first place.

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My name is mredrollo. I’m a Sydney based music maker, performer and educator. I’ve been fortunate enough to teach and perform to thousands of people all around the world. Unlike some trainers, I avoid getting lost in the details of what things do and instead focus on guiding you through building a life that supports your music. But I’m not just a trainer, I’m a student of my own method, regularly making and releasing music. 

I started mredrollo+ to help struggling music makers become inspiring artists, without all the industry bullshit. Members have access to all my courses, weekly live Q&A, feedback sessions, course resources and a growing private community of music makers from around the world all supporting each other’s journeys.

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