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Isaac Cotec

  • Portland OR United States

Isaac Cotec has his hands in many aspects of the music industry. Over the past decade he’s been a record label owner, mixing/mastering engineer, a researcher in altering consciousness through sound, a touring musician and an Ableton Live Certified Trainer.

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Isaac is best known for his music project Subaqueous. In 2012 he created, where he shares his resources on music production, including a vast collection of MIDI packs, free Ableton Live resources and articles on his personal production techniques. In his own words: “I’m inspired by the edge of what is possible. I want to explore how music technology can help me creatively express the weird and wild reality we call life. I created my website to share what I learn along the way.”

Isaac continues to grow as a teacher in the music production community with his work in online schools; he helped develop the core library at Warp Academy, hosts live online courses at Creative Live, and teaches at He also manages the Eugene Ableton User Group on Facebook.

Looking to the future of the music industry, Isaac has been working with high schools and colleges with his company, where he creates music production curricula and resources for teachers, designed to help inspire the next generation of music producers.

Isaac Cotec is dedicated to helping others in their creative process and fill the world with more good music. To learn more about his current projects, check out

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