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Ilan Kriger

  • Curitiba Brazil

Ilan is a professional DJ since 2000 and has been performing in major clubs in Brazil (Warung, D-Edge, Lique, Red Vibe Concept to name a few). He started producing electronic music in 2002 (since 2005 in Ableton Live) after doing a course at Point-Blank in London.

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Ilan founded AIMEC (International Academy of Electronic Music) in 2004 which is the largest network of DJ schools in Brazil (locations include Balneario Camboriu, Campinas, Curitiba and Porto Alegre). Ilan teaches classes in groups of up to 12 students for traditional DJ courses, DJ with Software, Music Production and Advanced Music Production (in all courses with classes in Ableton Live). He is the creator of the site which is the technical blog of music production and DJing with more hits in English. He uses Ableton Live to produce songs, re-edtis, mash-ups, mash-ups with video, DJ-sets and playing live in your Live Vocal project Webbep - with the multi-instrumentalist James Feeler.

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