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  • Ireland

Since 2011, CreateSound has been running courses and workshops, supplying all the latest hardware and Ableton software on site, with regular courses in over 100 locations in Ireland and the UK to date. Now we’ve moved everything online so students can participate in our courses wherever they are, whatever their level.

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Our Intro course will get you up and running and give you the knowhow to make your own track. The Intermediate/Inspire course helps you improve your sound, finish your tracks and get on top of the creative power of Ableton. Our Push course lets you get your hands dirty and get more creative away from the screen with melody- and beat-making and production. (For students in Ireland, we deliver a Push to you to use for the duration of the course, with the classes delivered online).

We take a practical, hands-on approach, love to connect with music makers of all levels and believe in making tuition as accessible and engaging as possible. We run group courses online, but keep the numbers small, typically four to eight participants, so we cater to individual needs and provide support both during and outside of online sessions. All of our courses focus on track-making, and students share their work, receive ongoing feedback, and participate in live production and demos using their creations.

Please note: Ableton Certified Trainers and Ableton Certified Training Centers are private entities or enterprises and neither employees nor agents of Ableton. They are not administered by Ableton AG, Ableton Inc. or Ableton KK. The trainers and centers are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula. Ableton takes no responsibility or liability for the actions of the trainers or centers.