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Ex'pression Pro, near San Francisco, introduces new Ableton Live courses

Ex'pression Pro introduces new certified Ableton Live courses for the San Francisco Bay Area

Ex'pression Pro is a world-class training center in the San Francisco Bay Area, offering premier instruction & certification on professional software in a state-of-the-art facility. Classes are taught by industry professionals and certified trainers. Students can choose from individual training courses or enroll in industry-focused programs. Upon completion students will have the skill-set and credentials to enhance their careers, stay current in the industry, and facilitate their art.

Upcoming Course Details:

Ableton Live: Introduction to Ableton Live 8 (course consists of 2 x 4-hour day sessions):

Upcoming course dates:

03/27/2010 — 03/28/2010
06/19/2010 — 06/20/2010
10/23/2010 — 10/24/2010

Cost: $295

This class focuses on defining the basics of Ableton Live 8. Students will receive comprehensive training on Live 8's various modes, components, parameters, and capabilities. Through lecture demonstration, learn how this groundbreaking digital audio workstation has revolutionized the creative process of putting music together.

Level 1 Beginner Topics

  • LIVE concept and overview
  • Browser
  • Importing Audio and MIDI
  • Session View (Clips and Scenes)
  • Arrangement View (Editing and Functions)
  • Global Quantization
  • Live's built-in Tools (overview)
  • Recording Audio
  • Setting up Live's Preferences (Basic)
  • Intro to MIDI
  • Effects (Inserts and Sends)
  • Live Instruments
  • Warping and Tempo Control
  • Saving and Bouncing Tracks
  • Freezing Tracks

Certified trainers: Timo Preece and Vince Santora.

For questions about this course or any additional courses on Max for Live or advanced Live techniques, please visit or email Chris Colatos at

Ex'pression Pro is the certification and professional training division of Ex'pression College for Digital Arts in Emeryville, CA.