Joaquin Jimenez (Mexico City, Mexico)

Joaquin began DJing alternative and electronic music in clubs and on the radio in 1993. Since then, his love for music and technology got him deeply involved in electronic music production and live performance using computers. His unique blend of tech house with a diverse array of other musical trends has seen him perform alongside top national and international DJs. Joaquin has also enjoyed success as a producer.

In 2003, Joaquin discovered Ableton Live version 3 and it immediately became his favorite tool for studio production and live performance, enabling him to gain extensive practical knowledge of the software. Joaquin has taught Ableton Live in schools, workshops and as a freelancer for groups and in one-on-one sessions. Joaquin offers general or customized courses for all skills levels, including techniques for DJing, sound design, recording, production, and live performance.

Joaquin is the first Ableton Live Certified Trainer in Latin America. He teaches the Electronic Music Production Course at SAE Institute in Mexico City. Additionally, Joaquin created and teaches SAE's Ableton Live courses. Joaquin has helped a large group of artists, musicians, DJs, producers, and live bands to rediscover their potential and creativity using Ableton Live.

Joaquin is based in Mexico City and teaches in English and Spanish.


Please note: All Ableton Certified Trainers are not employed by Ableton. They are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula.