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The Press Weighs in on Operator, Ableton's Virtual Synthesizer

"Operator is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-use synths we've seen, but is also capable of creating sounds that belie its simplicity. Putting rich, complex and evolving creations within your reach, it's another jewel in Ableton's weighty crown."
Computer Music Magazine

"Ableton has built an easy-to-use, great-sounding instrument that integrates classic analog and digital synth sounds with Live's beat-synced and envelope-shaping powers. Finally, it's Ableton software for keyboard players."
Keyboard Magazine

"With all these fabulous parameters to tweak, you would think you need to have multiple arms like Shiva, but that's where Ableton's Everything Must Be Automated, philosophy really shines. Almost all parameter moves can be recorded and this allows for detailed sonic manipulation."
Future Music Magazine

"Ableton has made a fine first showing. Operator sounds the business, is easy to use, and offers users quick and encouraging results."
Grooves Magazine

"Operator is a welcome addition to my Live setup and a lot of fun to play. Its tight integration with Live is huge...and I'm sure I'll be using it more and more as a go-to sound design tool."
Tape Op Magazine

"This synthesizer can produce the full range of FM sounds, from percussive to bell tones, punchy bass, harmonically rich pads, and realistic electric pianos. It sounds absolutely fantastic, and if you just buy it for quick access to some killer presets within Live, you'll love it."
Virtual Instruments Magazine

"Operator is a versatile monster that is able to create great-sounding drums, basses, leads, pads, percussion and rhythmic ambiences by virtue of its unique oscillator-routing section."
Remix Magazine