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Ableton launches Able10: 10 years of Ableton

November 4, 2009 — Ableton is pleased to announce Able10 — a season of special offers and giveaways to celebrate 10 years of Ableton.

Ableton has come a long way since 1999, and the company is taking the opportunity to look back on an exciting and successful ten years. The Ableton community has always played a key role; the company founders and staff would like to say thank you to all the musicians, producers, performers, DJs, artists, broadcasters, choreographers, engineers and visionaries who have joined the journey so far. Ableton looks forward to sharing the next ten years with this unusually talented, innovative, inspiring and ever-growing Ableton Live community.

To mark the occasion, and as a special thank you, Ableton has put together a package of special offers, new products and birthday handouts. There's something for everyone, so join the party:

  • Free Live Packs

For Live 8 and Suite 8 users: Ableton is giving away 10 free Live Packs from Ableton artists-songs and sounds from 10 truly innovative artists including Múm, Apparat, Thavius Beck, Swayzak and Junie Morrison (formerly of the Ohio Players). These Live Packs are a rare opportunity to delve inside real songs by real artists and see how these guys work their Live mojo.

  • 20% off Live 8 and Suite 8, including upgrades

During Able10, Ableton Live 8 and Suite 8 are up to 20% cheaper. This discount offer applies to new licenses and upgrades, so both new and existing customers can benefit.

  • Introducing: Ableton Live Intro

Ableton Live Intro is out now. The newest member of the Ableton family provides the best of Ableton Live at an unbeatable price--around USD 99/EUR 99. The perfect starting place for new producers, DJs and songwriters and a smart way for experienced musicians to inject Ableton Live's innovative features into their current audio software setup. See below for more details about Live Intro.

  • Free upgrade to Intro for LE users

Ableton is offering Live LE users a special Able10 bonus: a completely free upgrade to Live Intro.

  • Max for Live news

Good news for those eagerly awaiting Max for Live — we are pleased to announce that it will be released on November 23, 2009. Beta testing has started, details are available on the Ableton website.

Max for Live will be available at the Ableton web shop. Pricing will be around USD 299/EUR 249 for Ableton Live 8 users, additional discounts will be available for users who also own Max/MSP 5.

  • Live Lite 8 is out now

Live Lite users can get a free upgrade to Live Lite 8, the latest version with numerous improvements, updates and an inspiring content package.

All offers are available at

Discount offers are valid from November 4, 2009 to January 15, 2010. Full terms and conditions for these offers are available on the Ableton website.

More about Ableton Live Intro

Ableton Live Intro provides the essentials of Ableton Live at an unbeatable price. For both talented newcomers and seasoned professionals, Live Intro has got what it takes for writing songs, making beats, recording, remixing, DJing and performing music live on stage.

For those just starting out, Live Intro's fluid workflow, real-time audio manipulation and an impressive 7 GB audio content package provide a smart step into the world of music production and digital DJing.

For established DJs and producers, Live Intro provides studio-quality sound and an opportunity to plug Live's renowned composition and performance features into any digital audio setup via ReWire. Live Intro is effectively a whole new way to write and perform for less than the price of a plug-in.

Key features:

  • Multitrack recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz
  • Powerful and creative MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments
  • Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching
  • Nondestructive editing with unlimited undo
  • Supports AIFF, WAV, MP3, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files
  • Full ReWire support; runs as Slave or Master
  • Top-grade content package with loops and beats from premium sound designers
  • 500 built-in Instrument Racks and Drum Racks plus Simpler (a sampler) and Impulse (a virtual drum machine)
  • 200 built-in audio and MIDI effects
  • Powerful groove engine; apply and extract grooves in real time
  • VST and AU support; automatic plug-in delay compensation
  • Simple MIDI mapping plus instant mapping for selected hardware
  • Single-screen user interface for simple, creativity-focused operation
  • Multicore and multiprocessor support


  • 7 GB of instruments, beats and loops (in the boxed version of Live Intro, the download version includes a 1 GB selection)
  • "Construction Kits" — practical song/track templates
  • Built-in interactive lessons
  • Printed Getting Started Guide in English, French, German or Japanese (box only)
  • Localized software menus, tutorials and PDF reference manuals in English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese

More information, including a detailed feature comparison between Live Intro and the full version of Ableton Live, is available at:

Live Intro is available as a boxed product and as a download from music retailers worldwide and in the Ableton web shop. Pricing is around USD 99/EUR 99.

About Ableton

Ableton makes Ableton Live, a unique product for writing, recording and performing music with a computer. Since the company started in 1999, Ableton has attracted an extensive and highly committed community of musicians, composers, and DJs worldwide. The company HQ is in Berlin, and there is another smaller office in New York. Ableton has about 100 employees at the moment, spread across both offices. The company has received outstanding press, awards and customer feedback since the unveiling of Live in October 2001.

About Live

Ableton Live is software for making music: for composition, songwriting, recording, production, DJing, remixing and live performance. Live's nonlinear, intuitive flow, alongside powerful real-time editing and flexible performance options, make it a unique studio tool and a favorite with live performers. Ableton Live is the choice for those who would rather be "making music" than just "using music software."

For more information, contact:

Ableton Public Relations
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
10119 Berlin