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Ableton Sales Campaign for Fall '08: Buy Live, get Operator for free

Berlin, Germany, (August 24, 2008) — Ableton will be running an interesting sales campaign in the fall of 2008. Effectively, customers who buy Ableton Live during the course of the campaign get Operator, Ableton's acclaimed FM synthesizer, for free. The offer applies to sales of Ableton Live 7, Live 7 LE and upgrades from Live Lite to the full version between September 1st and October 30th, 2008.

Operator is a versatile, easy-to-use and great-sounding software instrument combining classic analog sounds and frequency modulation synthesis, perfectly integrated in Live's award-winning interface. Drums, basses, leads, pads, percussions, rhythmic ambiences: Operator can do it all, and it's as simple or complex as the user wants it to be.

To complete this attractive offer, Ableton is also giving away an exclusive Live pack with brand new Operator presets. It features classic analog drums, a number of innovative percussive sounds and dedicated drum racks for instant and intuitive beat-making.

This special offer is available worldwide at dealers, or at

About Ableton

Ableton develops technology to inspire creative people. Since the company started in 1999, Ableton has attracted an extensive and highly committed community of musicians, composers and DJs worldwide. Currently, Ableton counts about one hundred employees in its Berlin and New York offices. The company has received outstanding press, awards and customer feedback since the unveiling of Live in October 2001.

About Live

Ableton Live accompanies every stage of the musical process, from creation to production to performance. In the creative stage, Live is transparent, intuitive and responsive, capturing inspiration and encouraging the flow of musical ideas. During production, Live provides all of the professional tools and studio compatibility required to complete and perfect projects. On stage, Live delivers the expressive control and stability that innumerable performing artists have come to rely on.

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Antje Huebner, Public Relations Manager
Ableton Inc.
43 West 24th Street, 12th floor
New York, NY 10010
Ph. 646-723-4552