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March 3rd, 2004

Abletons Audio Sequencer "Live" now part of SAE Institute's Electronic Music Producer course all across Europe

Berlin, Germany - March 03, 2004 - Ableton is proud to announce that the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) is now including Ableton's Live in its Electronic Music Producer courses all across Europe.

Rudi Grieme, Managing Director of SAE Institute Europe, says: "Today's electronic music producers demand power, performance, flexibility and usability. They demand creative results and don't want to deal with the technology that makes it happen. Ableton's innovative Live software frees the user from technological restraints and provides an audio sequencing instrument that actually plays like a real instrument. This seamless workflow and hands-on approach is well-suited to SAE's Electronic Music Production (EMP) course, a 'creativity-first' program covering all aspects of modern sequencing, composing and electronic music performance. SAE, the world's largest audio training provider, is proud to be associated with Ableton and to offer all Ableton users a highly reduced rate on the unique EMP program."

SAE Institute is the world largest professional training institute for audio production, creative media and digital film in the world. The Electronic Music Producer program deals with composition and production in the dance music genre. The course is designed to offer a learning experience focused on knowledge and practical use of computer sequencing, MIDI programming, hard disk recording, and dance music mixing.

"We are very happy that SAE Institute has decided to include our software in its Electronic Music Producer courses all across Europe", says Rutger de Groot, Commercial Director of Ableton AG. "SAE is one of the most established schools in the audio education arena. Having Live included in their curriculum is an honor, and we are elated that students around the world will be able to learn how the true power of Live, and how Live fits in to a professional studio environment. It also shows how quickly professionals are adapting to Live, since the release of Live's 1st version a little over 2 years ago".

In addition to the course, Ableton and SAE are very happy to offer registered Live users the possibility of joining in SAE's Electronic Music Producer course in Europe at a 25% discount. Due to limited course capacities, this offer is effective while supplies last.

About Live

Live is the real-time audio production solution that eliminates the boundaries between composition, performance, recording and sound design. Easily combine loops, phrases and songs from diverse origins. Create music on the fly, without being bound to a fixed timeline. Improvise song arrangements, instantly drop samples on cue, interact with other performers, musicians or DJs. Record multi-track audio or real-time loops. Instantly change the tempo, melody, groove and sonic signature of your sounds at any time. Enter your samples and work 'from within' to create endless variations. Live combines all of these possibilities in a simple and friendly environment that lets your creativity flow without limitations.

About Ableton

Ableton develops modern software technology to inspire and empowers creative people. Since the company was founded in 1999,more than twenty developers and business professionals have joined Ableton-many of them active musicians or DJs. Ableton has received outstanding press and customer feedback since the launch of Live in October 2001.

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