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January 15th, 2004


"It's rare that a single product comes along and literally changes everything." Remix 2004

Berlin, Germany - January, 15 2004 - Ableton proudly accepts Remix Magazine's 2003 Technology Award for outstanding Audio Editor and Loop or Sample Tool for it's flagship product Live 2. "It's rare that a single product comes along and literally changes everything," touts Remix in the January 2004 issue. "Boasting excellent stability, an ingenious interface, and audio recording capabilities, Live is at the forefront of the next revolution in music production."

Accepting the award, Ableton CEO and founder Gerhard Behles states, "It is an honor to have Live singled out as one of the year's most innovative products. Each year, we strive to optimize Live with new features and functions that always bear our end-users, musicians, producers, and DJs in mind. We also take great care to listen to artists working with Live who offer thoughtful suggestions and tips for new working methods. With Live 2, and now Live 3, this customer feedback remains as the impetus for creating both inventive and practical new features in Live. If Live serves as an artist's creative catalyst, then our forward thinking Live user-base must share in the praise. Congratulations to Live's users and artists, and thank you for your thoughts."

About Live

Currently in version 3, Live is the real-time audio production solution that eliminates the boundaries between composition, performance, recording and sound design. In Live, you can easily combine loops, phrases and songs from diverse origins, as well as create music on the fly, without being bound to a fixed timeline. Live also allows you to improvise song arrangements, instantly drop samples on cue, interact with other performers, musicians or DJs, and record multi-track audio or real-time loops. You can also instantly change the tempo, melody, groove and sonic signature of your sounds at any time. Live is the first compositional and performance tool that enables you to enter your samples and work 'from within' to create endless variations. Live combines all of these possibilities in a simple and friendly environment that allows your creativity to flow without limitations.

About Ableton

Ableton's aim is to develop modern software technology that empowers and inspires creative people. Since the company started in 1999, more than twenty developers and business professionals have joined Ableton-many of them active musicians or DJs. The company has received outstanding press and customer feedback since the launch of Live in October 2001.

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