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August 14th, 2003

Hollywood Scoring Star Hans Zimmer Uses Ableton Live For Soundtrack Production

Ableton spoke with the famous scoring composer about recent projects, electronic music and film music production.

Berlin, Germany — August 8, 2003 — Hans Zimmer is both one of the most successful film music composers in Hollywood, and a pioneer in integrating synthesizers and computers with traditional orchestral music for film and television. His work includes music for Thin Red Line, Gladiator, Thelma & Louise, Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy and Disney's The Lion King, for which he received an Oscar in 1995. For his work in Gladiator, he was nominated for eight awards, including the Academy and Golden Globe Awards. Ableton LIVE is one of Zimmer's most powerful tools when it comes to both finishing a film score and adding special effects.

Ableton recently spoke with Hans Zimmer about his latest work, film scoring in general and his use of Live.

"The current industry standard is Pro Tools. Everything is delivered on Pro Tools. In the future, I want to use LIVE to deliver all my cues. So whenever the director makes picture changes, I will not have to make cuts anymore, but simply stretch time. We change a lot of things in the final dub. This is when the sound effects come in, sometimes the whole feel of the movie changes. This always is a great moment. It is fantastic to be able to manipulate things, to make changes the very last moment. There is this fine line between writing and manipulating. This is an ongoing process. LIVE makes things much easier. I really like the fluidity of it." (Hans Zimmer in his interview with Ableton)

To read the complete interview, please go to Free production, please include list of references.

About Live

Live has introduced the notion of the sequencer as an instrument. Launch loops or sound effects on the fly; follow intuition rather than a fixed linear timeline. Automatic beat-matching and real-time quantization help creativity keep the flow. Improvise song arrangements, instantly drop samples on cue, interact with other performers, musicians or DJs. Recording, arranging, experimenting and improvising have never been faster or easier.

About Ableton

Ableton's function is to develop modern software technology that empowers and inspires creative people. Since the company started in 1999, more than twenty developers and business professionals have joined Ableton--many of them active musicians or DJs. The company has received outstanding press and customer feedback since the launch of Live in October 2001.

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