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June 12th, 2003

jamXlive Revolutionizes On-Air Design

Jam X Music and Ableton announce joint product

Hamburg/Berlin, June 2nd, 2003 — Jam X Music, Germany's leading specialists in radio and on air design and Ableton, an innovative Berlin-based music software company, announced today the upcoming release of jamXlive, a production tool that will open a new dimension in corporate audio design.

The jamXmatrix

This innovative product will be released just in time for the German Radio Day taking place in Cologne on July 5th, 2003.

jamXmatrix is a full-blown jingle package, designed for use in the sound design of a radio station studio. But that's not all: each part of every jingle and other sound elements can be recombined in any way to create new elements any time. This is a groundbreaking approach: taking the composition and creative process into the studio of radio stations. The key to this totally new method is jamXlive.

"Live, Ableton's successful audio sequencer gives this special broadcast edition of jamXlive increased functionality and enables the user to easily work out all kinds of combinations automatically and thus develops harmonious sounds," says Dirk Reichardt, General Manager of Jam X Music.

"We are happy to have found a highly qualified production partner in Jam X Music. Because of their professionalism and being a well known brand in Europe, Jam X Music is the ideal publishing partner in professional on air design for Ableton's first product," says Gerhard Behles, founder and CEO at Ableton.

For more information about jamXlive and other Jam X Music products, go to

Background information:

Jam X Music is one of the most successful German producers of radio and on air design. Jam X Music currently equips 25 major radio stations in Germany. Founded in 1998, the company is also responsible for the audio design of large television gala events as well as scores for national film productions such as "Jetzt oder Nie" by Senatorfilm. The constant development of sound innovations and strategic concepts has earned Jam X Music the reputation of a top-class team of experienced composers, producers and sound designers.

jamXlive is a music software program based on Live. The award-winning audio sequencer for Mac and PC is used for arranging, editing and recording of loop-based music. You can remix loops, beats and samples, and arrange them into new tracks, while Live adjusts tempo and similar details. Live is not only a comprehensive Dj tool totally geared for live performance, it is also a complete sound studio for the computer with VST-, Asio-, DirectX/MME- and ReWire support.

Ableton's function is to support creative people with modern software technology. Since the company started in 1999, more than twenty developers and business professionals have joined Ableton, many of them active musicians or Djs. Since the launch of Live in October 2001, the company has received outstanding press and customer feedback.

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