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September 4th, 2002

Ableton and Steinberg's join together in releasing REMIX, an audio software tool for the remixing and performing musician.

Berlin/Hamburg, September 5, 2002 - Ableton is proud to announce its collaboration with Steinberg in releasing REMIX, an audio software tool for the remixing and performing musician.

REMIX is a slimmer consumer version of Ableton's renowned music tool Live and will be marketed only in Europe. REMIX will be available at specialized consumer retail dealers as of September 16, 2002 and has a suggested retail price of EUR 49,99. REMIX will be distributed exclusively by Steinberg Media Technologies AG.

"We're thrilled, along with Steinberg, to have found an established and highly qualified marketing partner. The excellent audio software and hardware products and an established European and international trademark makes Steinberg an ideal publishing partner for Ableton's first consumer product," says Gerhard Behles, Ableton's founder and CEO.

REMIX is intuitive and easy to use. The program consists of 2 screens from which every function is accessible: the Session View (for playing live on stage or improvising at home) and a more classical Arranger View that functions as a standard audio sequencer. Everything one does and improves can be recorded and edited later on. Samples and songs can be started by just clicking the mouse or pressing a key on the keyboard. The included effects can be applied on the fly and time-stretching is done automatically. All this, without ever stopping the music!

"Finally, there is a new and fascinating idea made into practice: REMIX is pure fun and will give music making a new sensation. REMIX perfectly compliments our Creative Tools product family," says Manfred Rürup, the chairman of the board at Steinberg Media Technologies AG. "In Ableton, we've found an exceptionally innovative and creative partner," he continues.

REMIX Features:

  • Combine various samples without ever stopping the music
  • All sound files automatically play in time with the song tempo without changing the pitch
  • Clips can be launched using the mouse or the keyboard
  • Sounds can be played back singularly or in groups
  • Timing and pitch of loops can be set independently
  • 5 real time effects included: EQ, Auto Filter, Compressor, Chorus and Echo
  • VST Plug-In Interface

About Ableton

At Ableton, artists, software specialists and business people have come together to create a new generation of music software. The company was founded by the Berlin-based computer music project Monolake in the fall of 1999. Since the company opened, more than twenty-five developers and business professionals have joined Ableton. Many of them are active musicians or Djs whose link is their common goal: To develop excellent software for making music.

About Steinberg

Steinberg Media Technologies AG is the worldwide brand in the field of audio software. Since 1984, Steinberg has been developing, producing and selling software products for professional musicians and producers in the music, video and film industry. Steinberg products are also successful in the rapidly growing consumer market and for Internet applications. Today Steinberg is one of the music industry's largest software houses.

Additional information about REMIX can be found at:


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