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Stefano Bechini (Acquapendente)

Stefano is a musician, producer, teacher, and sound/multimedia designer who has been producing and performing with Ableton Live since 2005. He is certified as a Sound Engineer and Multimedia Designer for the EU countries, and he attended the International Sonology Course at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Holland). In 2006, Stefano graduated in Ethnomusicology at D.A.M.S (Discipline of Arts and Music) at the University of Bologna, with a degree thesis in music philosophy titled "Futurismu's noise: towards a technical-timbral innovation." He is into experimental electronic music and jazz, and he focuses on the composition of scores for video material.

Stefano teaches Ableton Live at Percorsi Audio in Acquapendente. His classes include Getting Started with Live and Advanced Production Techniques.


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