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Simone Tanda (Pesaro)

Simone is a musician, producer and teacher who loves low frequencies. He discovered Ableton Live in 2006 and it quickly became his favorite software tool for producing and performing. He has a broad musical background, and his producer activities range among many genres: ambient, deep house, electro-funk, acid jazz, drum'n'bass, but he is interested in all kinds of music and production. In 2009, he earned a multi-style bass degree at Saint Louis College of Music in Rome. As a bass player he has worked with many bands, playing many different styles including rock, pop, funk, jazz and electronic music.

Today Simone focuses on audio-visual production, music programming and live performance. He works as a freelance producer and composes for commercials and television. As a journalist, he works with the web magazine colonne sonore. He teaches electric bass and Ableton Live and is responsible for the electronic music courses at Amm National School in Pesaro.

Simone teaches courses in Getting Started with Live, Beat Creation and Manipulation in Live, Advanced Production with Ableton Live and Ableton Live on Stage. He teaches individuals and groups, and he conducts workshops.


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