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Menno Keij (Groningen)

Ten years ago, Menno Keij discovered dance music. Since then, he has produced electronic music using trackers, sequencers and hardware synthesizers. In 2005, he began using Ableton Live for producing music and performing live on stage. Under the name Alec Trix, Menno played in several clubs and at festivals in Groningen, Amsterdam and Berlin. He also used Live to compose musical backgrounds for movies and to record voices for commercials. Meanwhile, Menno earned a masters degree in Communication of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. To combine his Live skills with the knowledge he gained during his studies, he decided to train students in using Live. Together with VJ Peter Versluis (, Menno founded Workshop Delivery, a mobile school delivering dedicated multimedia training sessions. Armed with a car and a set of laptops, Menno shared his enthusiasm for Live with students at several media schools and high schools throughout the country. Within his courses, there is a lot of room for specific individual needs. Private courses to small groups (max. 8 students) are also possible.

+31 (0)6 11391576

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