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Laura Escudé (Los Angeles, CA)

Laura Escudé is a critically-acclaimed violinist, composer and sound designer. Laura is a leading figure in the contemporary electronic music and music technology realms, a visionary for the future of music. Laura thrives in working on diverse, unique and innovative projects in various capacities, such as violin for films and artists, composition and sound design for film and live performance, show programming and construction and personalized consulting and training for live performances and studios. Her talents are vast and unparalleled and she is passionate about working with other skilled artists and companies on a large and very professional scale.

Laura has worked with diverse directors, artists and composers such as J.J. Abrams, Kanye West, Drake, Jason Reitman, Lili Haydn, LMFAO, Sean Beavan, Mark Isham and Carmen Rizzo. In 2009 she worked with Cirque du Soleil on their production "Viva Elvis" as an Ableton Live programmer, toured Europe on violin and electronics with acclaimed world music band Niyaz, was a tour consultant for Kanye West and recorded violin on EastWest's Quantum Leap Silk sound library with MESTO. Laura specializes in the software program Ableton Live and became one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers in the world in 2008. Her company Electronic Creatives specializes in music and technology consulting and is an Ableton Certified Training Center.

2010 highlights include composing for Visa, performing on Dancing With the Stars, performing at HATCH Asheville and at The Do Lab's LA music showcase, winning the Runner Up prize for best DJ mix for the Lightning in a Bottle Festival, and being a featured speaker at events such as the San Diego Music and Technology Conference and Yuri's Night at NASA. Most importantly, in 2010 Laura released her first full-length album Pororoca, a beautiful marriage of cinematic strings and edgy electronics, along with an animated video designed by Scott Pagano (Trifonic, BT, Michael Jackson). Pororoca has received favorable reviews for its innovative, cinematic sound and is available for licensing in film and television programs.

In 2011 Laura has been working with Kanye West as a vocal effects designer using Ableton Live for his performances.

Laura Escudé
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