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Glenn Keteleer (Brussels)

Glenn Keteleer has spun the decks since 1990 and, in 2000, became a full-time artist/producer at the age of 24. He has used Ableton Live since 2001 (version 1), and has worked with various styles of music over his long career. He recently released his first full album, produced completely in Ableton Live. Glenn also programs large event shows all over Belgium and remixes well-known artists such as The Neon Judgement and many others.

Today Glenn specializes in techniques for live performance and combines his solo project, Radical G, with teaching aspiring DJs and producers, helping them discover the endless creativity of Ableton Live. Glenn's classes include Getting Started with Ableton Live, Ableton Live on Stage, and Ableton Live Advanced. Glenn is one of the first certified trainers in Belgium. Classes are taught in Dutch or English and typically consist of 4-8 students. Individual customized instruction is also available.


Please note: All Ableton Certified Trainers are not employed by Ableton. They are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula.