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Dominique Poutet, aka Otisto 23 (Paris)

Trained as a classical pianist, Dominique found his way into sound engineering and producing, specializing in acoustic sound recording. In 1994, he created his first studio and recorded many jazz artists (Didier Lockwood, Emmanuel Bex, Dave Burrell, and others). In 1998, Dominique began to compose for the video game industry and became more deeply involved in electronic music production. He also began working with the collective Cosmik connection, pioneers in Jazz&Dub&Drum&Bass fusion, touring with them and producing their second album (Cosmik connection II). In 2000, he moved on to solo work and performed in Paris, Lyon, Bologna, Sao Paulo and elsewhere. His experience in electro-instrumental fusion has led him to take part in a wide variety of projects, productions and concerts in France (Laurent de Wilde, Interlope, Cube) and in India (Arambol experience VOL I&II).

Dominique is one of the founding members of DTC Records, where he serves as artistic director and sound engineer. He also works in cooperation with other electronic, Dub and Drum&Bass labels (IOT Records, Expressillon, etc.). He produced and released on DTC records the first album of "PC PIECES," Laurent De Wilde versus Otisto 23: a Steinway versus Ableton Live!

Since 2000, Dominique has taught a variety of computerized music solutions. He teaches for Cifap, in various locations around France, and he specializes in Ableton Live master classes and advanced group sessions.

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