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Amir Margalit (Tel Aviv)

Amir Margalit (a.k.a Service Lab) began DJing in 2000 as a teenager. He eventually decided to take his passion for music-making to the pro level. In 2010 he finished the three-year course in "Muzik" Faculty (Tel-Aviv, Israel) with distinction, and he began producing and playing mainly techno & house at Tel-Aviv's biggest clubs.

Amir discovered Ableton Live during his studies when trying to process six vocalists differently live on stage. After that, he began using Live as his main music-production sequencer. Now, producing bass-oriented electronic music that's not pegged to any particular genre, Amir performs a unique original live show with controllers and iPads in a complex setup, running Ableton Live.

Amir offers classes for beginners as well as advanced users. Classes ranges from Live Performance Using Controllers, to DJing, to Advanced Production with Ableton Live, to Synthesis and Advanced Sound Design. Amir teaches small classes (up to seven students), one-on-one sessions, and offers online training via Skype.


Please note: All Ableton Certified Trainers are not employed by Ableton. They are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula.