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Adriano Clemente (New York City)

Adriano Clemente has been playing piano since 1990. His first approach to electronic music production was in 1996, when he bought his first analog synthesizer. After several years making computer music and using hardware such as samplers, synths and drum machines, he discovered Ableton Live in 2005, and this completely changed his approach to music production and live performance.

Adriano performed in Italy with his electronic duo and also as a DJ. He started teaching advanced performance techniques, organized general courses and gave classes on audio/video production with Ableton Live. He taught at the IED Sound Design department in Rome, then he moved to New York City in 2010. Adriano also writes music for films, and his attention is always focused on the connection between audio and video production. His classes include Get into Live, DJing with Live, Ableton Live Improvisation Technique, Composition and Advanced Production using Ableton Live. Generally a class is composed of six-ten students. He also offers one-on-one and custom classes to focus more on the individual needs of the students.


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