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London College of Music--Thames Valley University (London)

The London College of Music (LCM) was founded in 1887 and existed as an independent music conservatory based in central London until 1991, when it moved to Ealing, West London, to become part of the newly formed Thames Valley University (TVU). There is also a second LCM/TVU campus in Reading, Berkshire.

With resources second to none, LCM is a leading center for contemporary music technology. Since 1991, LCM has pioneered music technology course development and there is now a wide range of courses available. Specialist short courses exist--from a National Diploma to a Foundation Degree, through to a BA Music Technology (which can be taken as a specialist course or in combination with other subjects such as Pop Performance or Radio). We also offer postgraduate study via an MA in Audio Technology, a new MA in Artist Management, and in September '09, another MA in Record Production. These courses compliment our ongoing doctoral programs.

These courses all have a unique creative perspective that equips students with sophisticated skills appropriate to the demands of the rapidly changing music industry. Outside of the technology remit, LCM also has a thriving range of degrees in performance and composition, from Western Classical to Jazz, as well as specialist schools working in Traditional Indian and Pop/Rock. We have nearly thirty recording studios and many more Mac-based audio workstations over the two campuses. We are currently building new recording studios due to our commitment to deliver high-caliber facilities to our students.

Our students progress extremely well to a diverse range of careers within the creative industries. Examples of their coursework can be found on the website listed below. They have worked with many prominent artists including: Trevor Horn, Peter Gabriel, Norsk Films, MagMasters Studios, Company, BBC, Sony, EA Sports, Bloc Party, Alicia Keys, Dave Stewart, Nile Rogers, Digidesign, RCM, Warner Brothers and many, many more.

Typical roles have included sound engineer, post production engineer, recording artist, studio manager, company director, product developer, product demonstrator, producer, composer and re-mixer.

All the LCM staff have extensive industrial experience, with several hundreds of millions of record sales between them, and within our faculty we have two Grammy-winning producers. This huge experience underpins the relevance of the curriculum, and most staff are also current practitioners in the industry. LCM is a seat of cutting-edge research in Music Technology, and runs the global Art of Record Production conferences. Our honorary professors include Robin Millar and Karl Jenkins, and will soon be joined by Rick Wakeman.

Ableton Live is used alongside other top industry platforms to give students an expansive skills base, with Live's incredible sound design capabilities underpinning the creative strand of the BA. Specialist short courses in Live will soon be announced and will be taught by our in-house Ableton Certified Trainer.

Certified trainer: Phelan Kane

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