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Nut (Naples)

Nut is a production studio, record label, and, since 2001, a music school. Nut offers courses in computer music, such as E.M.Pro. (Electronic Music Producer), a course designed to help students learn and practice their skills and to allow them to be spotted by important record labels (it is organized in cooperation with some of the labels and their managers). E.M.Pro.'s ambitious goal is the creation and highlighting of new talent.

A major portion of the E.M.Pro. course is devoted to learning and practicing with Ableton Live. Ableton Live courses are taught by the Italian specialist Giancarlo Lanza (an Ableton Certified Trainer) and are aimed at users, from beginners to professionals. Stage and DJ/live performance are also covered. The courses are repeated cyclically and registration is always open.


Ableton Certified Trainer: Giancarlo Lanza

Please note: Ableton Certified Training Centers are separate private enterprises and are solely responsible for their course content. These centers are not administrated by Ableton AG nor Ableton Inc.