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Darren Price

Woking-born Darren Price has delivered techno to the masses via rock-solid skills on the wheels of steel since the early '90s. Price made a name for himself touring the world as DJ for UK legends Underworld and developed a solid resume of his own along the way, with releases on Junior Boy's Own Records, NovaMute, and as a one-time member of Centuras. With the advent of Ableton Live, Price has changed his method for musical delivery to synchronizing laptops running Live.

"Live has changed the way we work. It's such an inspiration in the studio and onstage. We fill a sequence with our loops, tracks and samples; then we play around, and every time it comes up trumps! You can get things to fit like no other sequencer can, because the instant, on-the-fly time-stretching is amazing. You can alter a loop with ease in so many ways--instantly. We use it as an instrument as well as a sequencer. You can make the maddest loops out of any audio. Live has revolutionized our live performances. We now have the option of playing audio at any BPM and at any pitch, so mixing our more mellow 100 BPM tracks into the 135 [BPM] fat breakbeat tracks is a piece of cake. At our last show in Tokyo, I used Live for playing loops and songs while DJing in front of 28,000 Japanese kids in one hall going crazy. Then Underworld played using Live on two PowerBooks with another two running Logic, and the place went bonkers."

Darren Price, Engineer and DJ for the band Underworld