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Nine Inch Nails Wants Your Remix!

After five long years of silence, Nine Inch Nails has released another critically acclaimed and hook-laden new album, "With Teeth." Note: This remix contest has ended. Even more exciting is the release of the Ableton Live version of the album's second single, "Only" with individual tracks and an Impulse drum kit of sounds which can be downloaded here.


In a bold move, Reznor is making his music available to remixers all over to world. He asks you to create as you like and submit your creations to the "unofficial" NIN forum. If you'd like to check out the variety, there are already hundreds of remix submissions posted here.

For years, Trent Reznor and his crew have been using Ableton Live as a production and sound design tool as well as a partner in sonic experimentation. Reznor says, "Live is a powerful and fun program to use. We use this extensively in the studio for a variety of purposes."

Now its time for you to experiment if you've got the teeth for it.