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"Since the turn of the century, the DAW has gradually succeeded traditional recording gear, and soft synths have replaced those expensive and heavy hardware synths, but the workflow has remained relatively unchanged. Ableton Live re-imagined that traditional workflow and has been one of the greatest and most innovative pieces of music-making software ever developed. It is as easy to use as stacking bricks. When the occasion comes about that one brick is too long or too short, Live has the ability, through its relatively uncomplicated time- and pitch-editing features, to make that brick fit where you want it. Live's usability is enhanced by its seamless MIDI integration. Ableton Live is a powerful tool through which innovation and intuition have become the main focus of making music, relieving aspiring musicians from hours of leafing through manuals and other daunting audio engineering literature."

Philipp Jung and Patrick Bodmer aka M.A.N.D.Y, Get Physical