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John Digweed: Mixing and Editing on the Road and in the Air

John Digweed has built a reputation as one of the most consistent and respected DJs in dance music today. The industry veteran has managed the difficult task of becoming a superstar while maintaining unquestioned credibility as a spokesman for true underground dance music.

The globe-trotting DJ juggles multiple jobs, from running a label to producing music with long-time partner Nick Muir and hosting club nights (all three endeavors under the "Bedrock" moniker). In addition, Digweed also hosts a successful radio show and podcast and runs a biennial mix compilation series (all named "Transitions").

Not surprisingly, efficient time management ranks high on Digweed's list of priorities. We chatted briefly with John to see how he incorporates Ableton Live into his workflow:


How do you use Live?

My main use for Live is for mixing my weekly worldwide Transitions radio show and doing re-edits of tracks to play out at my gigs.

Why did you choose Live to handle these tasks?

When I am on tour, I'm spending half my life on airplanes and in hotel rooms. I needed something that allows me to do everything quickly and easily, and Live is fantastic for that.

Has Live offered you any creative benefits that were previously impossible?

I love being able to be creative with my radio mixes while on the road. I can try tracks very quickly to see what works and what doesn't.

What do you like most about Live?

I like the way it makes tracks so elastic that you can try ideas quickly with relative ease.

How did you first learn about Live?

Sasha showed me Live when he was first getting into using it.

What projects have you used Live on recently?

I recently mixed my compilation series, Transitions, using Live.

Do you have a favorite trick or tip that you'd like to pass along?

I'm still finding my way round it at the moment; I haven't explored the full potential of what I could do with it.

What's your take on using Live in the DJ booth as a performance tool?

The fact that you can throw loops, etc., over several tracks while DJing is pretty exciting, I think Laptops are going to be used more and more in the future as part of a DJ performance.

Any other comments?

I'm so glad I discovered Live. It has made my radio shows and edits so much easier.