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Jamie Lidell

"Lego and computers have stolen my best years of my life and I really just wish they would leave me alone to the forest that calls with all its rustic charms... I'd be sat with a ripe glass of pine, an old trusty guitar and a dream. Doing the Can-Can 'til the sun goes down. Then again, I ain't that guy.

I am made of lego and lego makes the man these days and the legoman makes lego music. It's true that you can build a home with plastic tiles and now with Live you can build a smoke stack of sound with the bricks and mortar that the Ableton folk have laid upon you. They throw in so many tools now: sonic screwdrivers, sharp-ass scalpels, swabs; enough to give any song the Frankensteinian make-over.

For those living beyond cut and paste, this one's for you. The Swiss army have given up. The Ableton crew have stepped up so they gotta step down. I say keep stepping, my steppas."