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Ableton Live User Group Portugal: First meeting March 20th

The kick-off meeting for the Ableton Live User Group in Portugal is set for March 20, 2010. Musician/DJ BimoNuno Santos (aka Sidhartha) will present an Ableton Live workshop focused on producing, recording and mixing using Ableton Live 8. The three-hour workshop will include:

- Audio sample warping
- Clip envelopes
- Impulse and Drum Racks
- Simpler and Sampler
- Filters and frequencies
- Envelopes ADSR
- LFO oscillators
- Inserts and sends
- EQ, compressor, delay, reverb, other effects
- Beat Repeat, Redux and routing
- Automation parameters
- Mixdown
- Mastering, DJing and live performance

The workshop is presented by

Saturday, March 20, 2010
3:00--6:00 p.m.

Rua Osvaldo Silva nr. 39
Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal


Contact the hosts for more information.