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Ableton comes to Austin, SXSW 2010

This year, for the first time, Ableton is attending the South by Southwest conference, in Austin. We're hosting a booth from Wednesday to Friday, March 17-19, in "Gear Alley," in the Pavilion. Huston Singletary will be at the booth to share tips and tricks, and to help troubleshoot your personal Live issues.

We're also partnering up with Tape Op Magazine to throw a party for their subscribers during SXSW. The Tape Op Party is on Friday, March 19th from 2-6pm, at the Beauty Bar. You have to be on the list to get in, but we have a few guest list spaces available. So if you want to come, send an e-mail before March 10th to "" with the subject line "Tape OP Party SXSW." If you're a Tape Op subscriber with a valid e-mail address, you should have received an invitation anyway around February 22nd.

So don't miss out: visit Ableton and Tape Op at SXSW 2010.

P.S. While we're in town, we'll be visiting the Austin Ableton Live User Group on Friday, March 19th, along with the guys from Dubspot. Details coming soon.