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Featured partner: Soniccouture--new products, new movie

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Over the coming months, we're going to look at some of the sound designers who created the partner instruments. First up is Soniccouture, from England, creators of instruments as diverse as Balinese Gamelan, EBow Guitar, Kim and Skiddaw Stones. Watch the movie to find out about the Soniccouture instruments and see what makes these talented sound designers tick.

Check out the instruments featured in this movie: Bowed Piano, Pan Drum, Konkrete Drums 1, Konkrete Drums 2 and Tingklik.

3 more Soniccouture instruments

Soniccouture are also releasing three more partner instruments for Ableton Live: Abstrakt Breaks 1, Abstrakt Breaks 2 and Tremors. All three are loop-based, featuring cleverly-structured packages of loops and breaks, perfect for glitch, IDM, dubstep and breakbeats. Follow the links for a detailed look at each instrument.