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Ableton Live Production 101 with Thavius Beck, Los Angeles, June 1st

Ableton certified trainer Thavius Beck is hosting a free workshop on production, beat-making and live performance with Ableton Live at The Downtown Independent in Los Angeles on June 1st.

Thavius will present his twist on some Live 8 basics and demonstrate his own ninja techniques in this completely free workshop. This is a great chance for all aspiring producers, electronic musicians, engineers, and anyone else interested in making music, to experience Live's creative flow first-hand. It's also a unique opportunity to peek over the shoulder of an exceptional artist, and it's a great venue, too. Don't miss it.

June 1st, 7-9 PM

The Downtown Independent
251 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Cost: FREE


About Thavius Beck: Composer of mercurial soundtracks for uncertain times, Thavius Beck conjoins various strains of electronic music to arrive at a daringly ambitious sound. He has received recognition in publications such as The Wire, Spin, Q, and NME for his solo releases under the moniker Adlib, the Labwaste project with fellow LA artist Subtitle, his recent production for fellow Mush artist K-The-I???, his early work with Global Phlowtations, numerous guest appearances and remixes (including one for Nine Inch Nails), and producing for/touring in support of/and accompanying Saul Williams. An exceptional programmer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Thavius Beck's many talents allow him to take a song from idea to completion without ever having to leave the comforts of his Powerbook. Uncompromising vision and an ear for the unusual are staples of this writer/producer's work.