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JazzMutant announce Mu - a touch-screen interface for Ableton Live

JazzMutant have just dropped the first teaser video for their upcoming controller for the Lemur platform. Mu offers super-tight integration with Ableton Live thanks to Max for Live.

The system features a clip launcher which will display name, color and playing status of clips in your session, and is even dynamically resizeable.

The built-in device selector also allows you to select any Live device from any track and bring up a custom controller specifically designed for that effect. You can even create your own interface for that particular device - remix your controller!

The big difference between this and the Lemur's previous capabilities is that it's all plug and play. The configuration is automatic and the mappings are dynamic and mapped via OSC. All you need to do is drop the Max for Live device into Live's master track and Mu will do the rest.