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NYC Ableton User Group Meetings in February at Dubspot

There will be two February meetings of the NYC Ableton User Group. These will feature two cutting-edge musicians, Matt Moldover and Elijah B. Torn, who both use Live in the most unique of ways. The focus of this month's meetings: CONTROL.

Elijah B. Torn is a life-long musician who was, according to all reports, born with a looping device in-hand. He uses Ableton Live to bring an unquantized approach to live electronic performance. Torn's heavy focus on the use of "dummy clips" combined with Looper have also helped him to push beyond conventional sound-on-sound looping and hone his distinct style. Thus, he will discuss his mantra "don't be stupid, learn your dummy (clips)!" His second album "You are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante" comes out this year.

February 21, 2010
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Matt Moldover has long been known, especially inside the electronic music world, as one of the most creative Controllerism gurus around. In addition to touring and producing, Moldover is overseeing the release of his first commercially available controller. Assimilating ideas from traditional instruments, DJ hardware, and game controllers, the Mojo combines ergonomic elegance, rapid-fire tactile responsiveness, and bullet-proof construction... definitely worth checking out.

February 28, 2010
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

348 W. 14th St.
New York, N.Y.
(212) 242-2100

Cost: Free


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