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MESA+ Waveforming Free: free wavetable synth sound library for Ableton Live

MESA+ has released Waveforming Free, a free downloadable synth sounds package developed entirely for Ableton Live 7 or higher. Waveforming Free is based on wavetables formed by 10 waveforms that act as oscillators for Ableton Simpler. The waveforms have been designed to avoid unwanted aliasing noise and have been multisampled across the keyboard range to improve sound fidelity.

The soundsets were developed and processed using Ableton's Sampler and its Waveshaper feature and then converted for Simpler, extending accessibility to users of Live 7 and Live 8 versions, including LE. The collection includes 40 Instrument Rack presets that reproduce various timbres from analog to additive.

Waveforming Free is a reduced version of Waveforming, which contains 66 waveforms and 270 Instrument Rack presets.

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