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Jersey Shore User Group: start-up meeting with Moldover, October 18th

Come and spread the Ableton love at the first meeting of the Jersey Shore Ableton User Group--New Jersey's one and only--and meet Controllerism pioneer and Ableton superhero Moldover. Hosted by multi-media guitarist and Live evangelist Chris Buono, this initial meeting will be a relaxed affair where members can come and brainstorm future meeting fodder. Between conversations, participants will have the opportunity to get their groove on courtesy of Moldover's Octamasher, while picking the great one's brain one-on-one on just how he came up with that contraption that houses his debut CD.

Future meetings will include topics ranging from Max for Live, the Akai APC40 and Novation's new Launchpad to whatever members can think up. There will also be an open stage to strut your stuff--the Jersey Shore User Group is part of Chris Buono's "Sonicavenger Presents..." series: musically interactive events where every week a new ensemble plays host to would-be jammers for truly spontaneous composition. Lastly, expect Ableton stalwarts like Elijah B Torn, Karsh Kale and many others to pitch in for presentations and performances in future gatherings.

Don't miss it: come out and help create a New Jersey digital community to be proud of.

Sunday, October 18, 2009, 7-10 PM

The Downtown
10 West Front St.
Red Bank, NJ 08753

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Admission is free.

RSVP to Chris Buono at so we know roughly what to expect.

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Note from the organizers:
On October 11th, Moldover and Chris Buono will be performing together, along with Jon Francis, at The Downtown for a "Sonicavenger Presents The Laptop Laboratory" event. All walks of art are welcome, so bring your laptop, your bent Casio or whatever else and rock with us.