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Announcing Music Hack Day in Berlin

Mark your calendars and join a full weekend of hacking during the first German Music Hack Day on September 18-20th at Radialsystem V in Berlin.

In July, a group of more than 200 music techheads gathered at the Guardian offices in London for an overly successful first Music Hack Day. Attendees came from the UK and across Europe, representing a who's who in music tech and showcasing the cutting edge of digital music. It was a full weekend of hacking but also a gathering of all of the folks that are creating the next generation of music apps.

Now its time, on the weekend of the 19-20th of September, for with Music Hack Day to arrive in Berlin.

The main goal of the event is for participants to rapidly prototype and build new projects, working through the night to complete and present them the following day. They have only this weekend to conceptualize, build, & present their projects. Hardware meets Software meets Online, all connected via music.

This event is about doing and not just talking. Sessions will be very limited and after that its all about building and realizing real products.

Registration is free and is limited to 150 participants tops so please register early. The venue will be open 24 hours and you can stay overnight, if you want, and hack through the night.

For more information and registration, visit: