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Mongolian Mixtape Marathon

Ableton has teamed up with a unique charity project, the Mongolian Mixtape Marathon. What on earth is a Mixtape Marathon, you say? Well, on July 11, 2009, two music-mad nutters will begin a 10,000-mile drive from London to Mongolia in a giant yellow roadside recovery vehicle.

They intend to donate the vehicle to a charity operating in Mongolia, and are raising thousands of dollars for Save The Children along the way. To help them get there, DJs from all over the world have been submitting hour-long mixes along with small donations towards the cause, and the drivers are going to listen to them non-stop all the way there!

Ableton is partnering with the project by offering every DJ who uploads a mix the chance to win a copy of Ableton Live 8. So not only will your tunes change lives, you'll also have the chance of winning some top-of-the-range music software!

Head to to keep up with their progress and upload a mix.