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Max MSP/Jitter Workshop coming to Berlin

Excited about Max for Live? If you'd like to learn more about the amazing things that are possible with Max technology, attend this workshop from March 30 to April 3: Max/MSP/Jitter 5: A Project-Oriented Workshop.

Register now! Send a mail to:

Participants will rapidly move through the basics of the Max/MSP visual programming environment and learn the essentials of patch construction, message passing, encapsulation, order of operations, data processing and more. The workshop will also cover visual data processing using the Jitter extensions to Max/MSP, including still and moving image playback and processing, use of external controllers or user interface devices to influence playback and processing behaviors, direct pixel access and transcoding (conversion of Jitter data to "normal" Max/MSP data and vice versa), and more.

The workshop will involve work on a project that will start with a small, simple video file. An acoustically interesting audio signal will be used to encode and transmit the video to another computer. The computer will, in turn, use the video data to control simple everyday household electrical devices.

Among other requirements, participants must bring their own laptops with Max/MSP/Jitter (at least the demo version) installed and a device for the project. Be sure to check all requirements for workshop participants at:

The workshop's expert leaders include Jeremy Bernstein, Peter Castine, and John Dekron. For full information about these talented presenters, please visit:

Jeremy Bernstein:
Peter Castine:
John Dekron: and

Seating is limited to twelve participants, so register early to ensure a place.

March 30 - April 3, 11:00 - 19:00 daily with a one hour lunch break
Final Presentation April 3 - 5

NK/ElsenStr. 52 (2.Hof) Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49(0)176 20626386

325 EUR (Student discount on the purchase of the software up to thirty days post workshop)

One more time: to register, contact: