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Kid606 remix contest is hosting a remix contest for Kid606's new single "Mr. Wobble's Nightmare" from his upcoming album "Shout at the Döner". The best mixes will be included on a forthcoming EP release from Tigerbeat6 and featured on Zero". Kid606 will choose his favorite mix to be released on Tigerbeat6 in cooperation with the electronic music download store

As Kid606 puts it, there are absolutely no rules to the remix contest. Entries can be in any style and at any tempo. You'll probably have a better chance of winning if your remix sounds as different from the original or released remixes as possible. You can hear the original and released remixes of "Mr. Wobble's Nightmare" on his Tracks & Fields profile.

The contest runs from March 16--May 1, 2009. Details can be found here:

Kid606 runs the labels Tigerbeat6, Shockout, and Tigerbass, and he has performed all around the world. He has released records on highly regarded labels such as Ipecac, Wichita, Mille Plateaux, Fatcat, Souljazz, and Carpark. offers musicians around the world the opportunity to collaborate online. Learn more by visiting