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Barcelona: Introduction to Ableton Live at Gallery NIU

Ableton Live workshop in Barcelona

March 21st and 31st, April 7th

Galleria NIU, C/Almogavers, 208, 08013 Barcelona (Metro Llacuna)

Join a three-day workshop with Barcelona based artists Institut FATIMA and learn how to use Ableton Live for producing, performing on stage and DJing. Over the course of the workshop, the artists will explain the fundamental concepts of the software and demonstrate various techniques and tricks. The workshop is limited to a maximum of fourteen students, so plenty of one-on-one time and assistance is guaranteed. Participants who purchase Ableton Live after the course will receive a discount.

Sign-up for the workshop at the NIU website:

Here's what to expect:

Day One, March 21st:

Live Clips and how to manipulate them, Session View vs. Arrangement View, recording, how to use the built-in instruments and effects, understanding warping.

Day Two, March 31st:

Recording and producing finished tracks, Live as a DJing tool, experimenting in Live, live-looping and improvisation.

Day Three, April 7th

Introduction to MIDI controllers, how to manage files and library with Live, scoring videotracks, building instrument and effectracks.

About NIU

The NIU is a popular Barcelona locale for electronic music and digital arts. The NIU is one of the most exciting venues for electronic music in Barcelona.

Galleria NIU, C/Almogavers, 208, 08013 Barcelona (Metro Llacuna)

About Institut FATIMA

Institut FATIMA are Paul Rose and Carsten Galle, two Barcelona-based musicians. With their project "Everybody can be wireless artist", they participated at the Sonar-festival and at the transmediale08-festival in Berlin. In Barcelona, they are renowned for regular sessions of improvised electronic music with other local musicians (BCN-Improtronica). Listen to their music at their myspace: or read their blog at