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Akai APC40 shipping now

It's here--the Akai APC40 is shipping now.

The APC40, Akai Professional's dedicated Ableton Live super-controller, is shipping now. If you want to get your hands on one, you'd better place your order now because as far as we can tell, they're selling out pretty quickly.

For those of you who live on Mars and have never heard of the APC40, it's a unique piece of hardware that has been specially designed to control Ableton Live. Its main feature is a five-scene-deep-by-eight-track-wide grid which you can use to fire Session View clips. All in all there are 109 buttons, 16 endless encoders with LED rings, nine 45mm faders and a replaceable crossfader, giving you complete control of Live's Session View, effect devices and virtual instruments. Those lucky people who have had the chance to try one have been raving about it ever since--this is truly one very hot piece of hardware.

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Please note that we're not selling the APC40 directly, so visit your local music store or online dealer to place your order. In the US and UK, use Akai's store finder:

Special thanks to Jeroen van Garling, AKA djsynchro, for the APC40/Liberty image, and thanks to all forum members who posted some fantastic APC40 photoshopping and had us laughing all over the office. You know who you are, guys, thank you.

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