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Ableton Live user wins Oscar for best song

Congratulations to Ableton Live user A.R. Rahman on winning an Oscar for "Best Song"! The winning song, "Jai Ho", is from Slumdog Millionaire. A.R. Rahman, is a keen Live user--we interviewed him some time ago. Here's what A.R. Rahman had to say about Ableton Live:

How do you use Live?

I use live for programming grooves and we sometimes use it as an effects processor, running live recorded tracks from our Neve 88R.

What do you like most about Live?

The user interface is very musical and I appreciate the ease of operation i.e. things like the user definable keys help make production spontaneous.

How did you first hear about Live?

The Ableton dealer in Chennai, who is my ex-band mate, sent me an evaluation copy of Live 4. I've been tinkering with it ever since.

Do you use Live in any unusual ways?

Like I said earlier, using it as an effects processor throws open a whole new world. We use things like Grain Delay, Resonator and loads of other plugins for our analog tracks. Since much of my present work is studio based, I also use it for groove construction and template building.

Do you have any favorite trick or tip that you'd like to pass along?

Check out the midi scale plugin--you really have something special there!