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Ableton Live trial version and NSG rock YouTube UK

Nutyas Surya Gumilang (NSG), an Indonesia-born Londoner, created a recent YouTube stir with a collaboration produced with the help of the Ableton Live 7 trial version and a few beat-making friends. NSG holds a degree in music from Kingston University and has created a small but loyal international fan base thanks to his YouTube channel and innovative online promotion. For the video, "Youtube Beatbox Collaboration," NSG tapped his pals and Live's video-editing capabilities. "I was able to make something really creative with videos given to me by friends in the YouTube community," says NSG.

NSG has used Live for creating and producing audio, and in live performance, since version 3. "I love so many things about Live--the time stretching, its flexibility, the way it's so easy to use. And I can zone out for hours editing/remixing tunes, learning things, testing the limits of my arrangements. I love it."

For "Youtube Beatbox Collaboration," NSG relied on Live's video-editing capabilities. "Working with video in Live is as easy as editing audio," he says. "I used the waveforms as guidelines and made just a few cuts here and there. You can edit video on the beat, and it stays in sync. There's a lot of potential for Ableton Live in video editing and VJing in the future."

NSG's current album, available on iTunes, is Working Class Superstar (NSG MUSIC GROUP/Dutty Phatt Productions). He also works with a variety of independent UK artists.

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