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Two free downloads from TrackTeam Audio

TrackTeam Audio is offering registered TrackTeam users two exciting free downloads: Base Class 01 and fib_02.

Base Class 01 is a collection of more than thirty-five lead Racks created for Live's Operator synth. All macros are mapped to allow for instant, gratuitous tweaking. These Racks provide a great starting point, and with them we invite users to explore the vast sound capabilities of Operator.

The fib_02 Hybrid Sequencer for Ableton Live 7 is based on the fib_01 sequencer from TrackTeam's Modmachines collection, but with a few new Live 7 tricks up its sleeve. It is made using all Live devices and was optimized with Live performance and manipulation in mind. Some uses of fib_02 include step sequencing, beat juggling and live improv. The fib_02 comes with:

  • Two flavors of fib: Drum-Rack based, and Single-Instrument based
  • More than seventy Live clips
  • Thirty fib_02 Racks
  • Tutorial videos
Trackteam Audio is an innovative sound design and utility company. With emphasis on originality, style and function, TrackTeam Audio specializes in producing dynamic and modular sound collections for modern audio applications.
TrackTeam Audio: "boutique" sounds for modern applications.