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Free Electronic Music Production seminar by SAE Athens, November 7

SAE Athens, member of SAE Technology Group, welcomes you to its new facilities and state-of-the-art studios for a free seminar on Electronic Music Production. The EMP Seminar provides an opportunity for music enthusiasts to unleash their passion for electronic sound using the latest production technology. Get involved and bring it on!

Seminar attendees will learn some basic dance music production techniques by creating a track in Logic Pro. Next, they will learn an easy, innovative and simple way to reproduce this track on stage using the dance-floor blaster Ableton Live. Attendees will also do some real-time jamming and DJing using Live. Beginners are welcome--no minimum knowledge is required. Just come to have fun and learn what these production and live performance applications can do.

November 7, 2008

14:30-17:30 and again at 18:30-21:30

SAE Athens
Ilia Iliou 9 & Nikomachou, N. Kosmos
116 31, Athens
Tel : 210/3217661
Fax : 210/3217641

Website :
Email :

Call for entries and details: 0030-210 3217661

One week before the EMP Seminar, on October 31, the EMP Event (a party promoting the course) will take place at Mo Loco (Iakchou 22 & Persefonis, Gazi) with Dimi Phaze and SAE students.